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50 + Bass Club

New Smyrna Beach

50+ New Smyrna Bch.   

We fish freshwater lakes/rivers,

50+ FAQ

 The most frequent questions regarding the 50+ bass club:

Club Membership

  1. What's the 50+ Bass Club of New Smyrna Beach all about???

    The 50+ Bass Club was started 21 years ago by Walt Gilmor. Walt was new to the area and wanted to locate other Bass fisherman to  determine where the best freshwater lakes and rivers were located within an hour of New Smyrna Beach.

    Thus a 50+ Bass club was formed adhering to the Bass Federation guide lines for it's Bi-laws . This club is based on the values of friendship, free exchange of fishing ideas and family.

  2. What are the qualifications for joining the Bass Club???

     As 50+ indicates, one must be at least fifty years of age to join. Men and women are welcome to join as boaters or non-boaters. Snow birds are welcome.

    The most important qualification is to have fun enjoying the comradeship and competition within the club.

  3. How do I join and what does it cost???

     The 50 + Bass club Officers can be contacted either through tjhis web site or my E mail address which is Prospective members can fish in a monthly tournament to determine if the club meets your goals. July and August are not fished as it is too hot to fish those months.

    To join, the prospective member has to be voted in by the members at the ramp.

    Once voted in annual membership dues are $30.00 a season for full time members and $15.00 a season for snow bird members.

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Monthly Tournaments

  1. Where and when does the club fish monthly???

    The Officers meet annually to determine where, when and what time the monthly tournaments will take place for the up-coming  season . This task is accomplished with the imput of  10 prior years of tournament results as well as the members imput  and their preferences.

    The monthly tournament sites and meeting dates are E mailed to each member and also available on our web site.

  2. What is the cost of a monthly tournament???

    The fee for  fishing  a monthly tournament is collected at at the ramp the morning of the tournament..

    The fee is  $30.00 per tournament. $5.00 of the $30.00 is awarded to whomever catches the biggest Bass that day. $5.00 of the $30.00 is added to the club funds to pay for the annual award's dinner, trophies, club maintenance and contributing to the local  SPARC charity fund.

    The balance of $20.00 is split into 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the monthly Bass tournament.

    Therefore $25.00 of the $30.00 entry fee is immediately paid back to the members.

    The 5.00 monthly club fee is assessed weither you fish a tournament or not. This adds to the club funds for the cost of the annual awards dinner

  3. Who won the tournament???

     The results are determined immediately after the tournament and the money prizes are distributed at the ramp.

    Pictures are taken of the winners for our Club album.

    The results of the monthly tournaments are recorded and made available  on our web site an E mailed to each member monthly.

    Tournament results are tracked monthly and on a year to date basis.

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